House or Condo?

People moving to South Florida have lots of decisions to make. One is whether to buy a house or a condominium

Each option has its positives and negatives.

A house is great if you prefer privacy, want your own space where you can basically do whatever you want whenever you want to and prefer to just live with your partner or family. If you have a pet, it’s also a better option. If you like the possibility of owning your own boat, even better. Plus if you enjoy gardens and testing your green thumb, a house is the way to go.

If you want to avoid the maintenance issues that come up in owning a house, a condo may be the better choice. If you like the amenities of a hotel, a condo makes more sense. Those include a fitness center, a beach club, a pool you don’t have to maintain and valet parking, a condo is for you. Condos may not offer the same size property you may have with a house, but you will have a better chance to meet people. You may have spectacular views from a balcony that a house may not provide, unless it’s waterfront, and even then, it’s a more direct view rather than from a height which is more panoramic. Also, you don’t have stairs to climb which is more comfortable for many people who like to live on one floor.

Miami and Broward Counties offer lots of options for both.

It’s fun to shop around to look at both until you’re positive and can decide. Whenever you’re ready, give me a call. I can present the best properties all within your budget.

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