Good Customer Service in Real Estate

Making clients feel special involves asking them about their lives, their families, what they are up to in terms of travel and work, and to generally make them feel like you care about them. If they’re shopping for a house or condo, asking them specific questions will help to narrow down what they are truly looking for in a property. Are they looking to move to a neighborhood where there are good schools? Does the neighborhood have churches, mosques or synagogues nearby? Shopping? Do they like city life or the suburbs? Do they care if they have ocean or other views? Is there a particular neighborhood they’d like to explore? How about a certain building where they may want to look at possible units? Buyers make make location a priority while others are more concerned with amenities.

Dealing with a first time buyer will come with different circumstances than working with a person looking to upgrade from a previous home.

First time homebuyers will make up the largest buyer pool for the foreseeable future. As such, they will be budget-conscious and as they have no experience owning a property in the past, they will be relying on your expertise. When you select properties for them to look at, identify a price point slightly less than the local comparables.

Move up buyers tends to be less concerned with price and more interested in the unique characteristics of a home. How many square feet does the home have? How many bedrooms?  Does it have a view? A pool? A fitness center? Many upgrading customers want to move when they have a significant life change – like a substantial raise at work, or a new child on the way.  As “upgraders”, they are looking for a home that is move-in ready and complete with upgrades and amenities.

When you’re a realtor, you’re trying to bend over backwards to make your clients feel like you are giving them your undivided attention. Don’t let them wait to have a call or e-mail returned. Help to guide them to have realistic dreams showing them what they can truly afford to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Teach them about how to stage their home if they are selling it so it eliminates clutter and looks beautiful when people view it.  Offer them a cup of coffee, water or a soft drink if you’re out and about with them and they may need some refreshments. Show them that you care– that they are not just clients, but people you want to keep in your circle of acquaintances and who you hope will recommend you to their friends and relatives if they have a positive experience working with you.

​Customer service demands constant nurturing to earn the trust of your customers. Try to put their needs ahead of your own. Remember to send them a happy birthday text or e-card and mail them a Christmas card. Always keep your customers top of mind. It will increase your circle of influence and will boost your bottom line.

As the saying goes, “What goes around, comes around.”

Whether you’re a home buyer or seller, customer service is truly important. Always choose an agent you can trust and who shows integrity in their dealings with you.

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