Upgrades Don’t Always Pay Off

When staging your house for potential buyers certain upgrades don’t always pay off.

You can think that buying a wine cooler will look beautiful in your kitchen, then find out that your buyers would have preferred more storage space in the kitchen and don’t really drink wine. Or your idea of dark brown cabinets doesn’t mesh with buyers looking for an all white look.

When showing the house the basics are more important. Highly efficient heating and A/C are paramount, new roofs, having a washer/dryer, as are large hurricane proof windows.

Lighting should be emphasized so make sure your house is well lit.

Upgrades in appliances like dishwashers, stoves and refrigerators are important.

Stainless steel is desirable for those appliances because of their modern look.

Clear off countertops and just keep a few things on the island like a bouquet of flowers or a bowl with fresh fruit.

Clean cabinets and arrange items in an organized way in case prospective buyers look inside. Same with medicine cabinets in the bathrooms.

Make the beds as neatly as possible with some decorative pillows.

Clean out the clutter in closets. Store everything you haven’t worn in two years and just keep what you really wear. Arrange shoes neatly in the closet and put shirts , suits and dresses in color coded order. White shirts together, blue blouses together, etc.

When you have a showing, spray the house with lemon air freshener to get rid of any odors from pets, cooking or bathrooms.

And voila! It’s Showtime!

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