MidBeach Neighborhood Association launches on April 5, 2017

The MidBeach Neighborhood Association launched last night and I joined the committee to help residents with major, impactful infrastructure projects and quality of life issues on the Beach.

Michael Gongora joins an executive committee that includes the amazing Anamarie Ferreira de Melo and Alicia Casanova – who I worked with in the previous incarnation of the Mid-Beach Neighborhood Alliance – and others who will work tirelessly to ensure that residents of MidBeach will have a powerful voice with the elected officials who will impact our neighborhood.

Whether it has to do with erosion and protection of the SeaGrapes – which take years to grow and which protect ocean front properties from storm surges and hurricanes – to flood control and its impact on traffic on Collins Avenue, we will be vigilant in making sure that our properties are protected and that we do not lose access to main streets like Collins and 41st Street to commute around town.

I led the effort to SAVE THE BOARDWALK on Miami Beach, and so far it’s still here. But from what was discussed last night, the days of the wooden boardwalk are numbered to be replaced by cement walkways that will ensure more bikes and skateboarders share the limited space with the walking and running pedestrians.

We plan to work with local businesses as well to encourage more aesthetic improvements to the neighborhood and to attract more upscale residents and businesses to the community.

It’s an exciting time to live in MidBeach and I look forward to serving the MBNA offering my expertise in marketing and public relations, in addition to real estate.  When I lived in New York, I fought City Hall and Albany for years with the American Cancer Society against Big Tobacco to create smokefree restaurants and workplaces, so this should be a piece of cake.



One thought on “MidBeach Neighborhood Association launches on April 5, 2017

  1. Save the Boardwalk has worked so far and I hope it stays that way. Every time I see an old person of a toddler walking on the wooden boardwalk I realize how great it is for pedestrians. With the cement walkway you have bikes and skateboards zooming by –a recipe for a collision. I also love the wooden huts where people sit and schmooze which doesn’t exist on the cement walkway.

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